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Search cashback offers from over 3,000 retailers.
Search or browse offers from over 3,000 retailers
Purchase as you normally would to get cashback.
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purchase as you normally would
We'll automatically track your purchase and pay you.
We'll automatically track your purchase and pay you

Our 100% free service rewards hundreds of thousands of Brits on every purchase they make.

How do we do it? It's actually pretty simple. Every time you shop at over 3,000 retailers we receive a commission for
generating a sale. As a reward for using our service, we pass this commission back to you, in the form of "cashback".

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1000’s of free voucher codes to help you save even more money.

When you search for a retailer‚ we’ll show you all of the voucher codes that are
available. Click through to the retailers website and add the discount to the checkout.
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Is this too good to be true? Are there any hidden costs?

No costs - using our website is completely free.

This is a question that we get asked all the time. There are no costs for using our website - everything is completely free and we don't even take payment details from you.

What is cashback? How does it work?

Getting cash back is simple, easy and free.

When you shop online at any of the 3,000+ retailers that we work with, they pay us a commission. This is basically a "thanks" for advertising them on our website. We then automatically pass this commission on to you in the form of "cashback".

How much money will I earn?

The sky is the limit - possibly £1,000's.

Most of our members earn £100's per year and some even earn £1,000's! Just don't forget to visit us before you shop online and remember that every purchase adds up - even the small ones.

How do I get paid my cash back?

A hassle-free bank transfer or PayPal.

Once you've made a purchase, we automatically track it and send you a confirmation email. When the retailer verifies your transaction, we then pay your cash back via a bank transfer or PayPal - you choose.

How does I Love Cashback make money?

I Love Cashback pay me, but how do they make money?

When you make a purchase at a retailer, we receive a commission. We pass most of this commission back to you (in the form of cashback) and we take a small amount to pay the bills. This way, it's in our best interest to get as much cash back as possible for our members.

Can I use a voucher code and receive cash back too?

Use a voucher code with your order to save even more cash.

We list 1000's of voucher codes on our website. Any of these codes can be used to save money on your order and you will receive cash back too. However, if you use a voucher code that isn't displayed on our website, your cash back may be declined by the retailer.

How many retailers can I earn cash back from?

I want to make sure that this is worth the effort.

We currently work with over 3,000 retailers and are working with more and more each day. There is no added effort with using our website - simply click through to a retailer as normal and we'll automatically do the rest.

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